Fixture Groups and Lamp Track Properties

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Fixture Groups and Lamp Track Properties

Post by jgrooms »

I have a pair of fixtures that have 4 small moving heads each (8 total moving heads) with RGBW and Pan Tilt options on each head. I have created a group (unison) to control "Red" on each fixture.

When I create a lamp track and add the group, I set the Lamp Track Channel Settings to "Current Level at Timeline Start".

I then add a cross fade and when I run the timeline the crossfade always starts at level 0 (off) and fades to 100 (on). So if the fixtures were already Red it shuts them off and fades in (basically a normal fade in). I do not want this behavior. I would like the crossfade to basically do nothing if the fixtures are already red but cross fade to red if it they are not red.

This behavior seems to work fine with individual fixture channels but not with groups. Is this a bug?

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Re: Fixture Groups and Lamp Track Properties

Post by Ashley »

Try using the level control effect, rather than the crossfade effect. Does that solve your problem?

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Re: Fixture Groups and Lamp Track Properties

Post by colonialCrew »

Did anyone solve this issue? I am running DMX+AV version 2.6.0 and seem to be having the same issue.

I don’t want to have to specify the starting value for any of my lighting cues. I want to be able to fade to any cue from the current values of the fixtures. I’m using level controls at the beginning of my timelines (a single timeline and level control for each cue), as you said to do. I’ve set the “Starting level source” to “Current level at timeline start” in the “Lamp Track Channel Settings” option window for my lamp tracks. As I might expect, the envelop handles for the starting values disappear when making this change, so that I can only specify the ending values in the envelop window.

However, VenueMagic seems to ignore this "Starting level source" setting. For example, I have two cues, (1) one that brings a fixture to 50% and (2) one that brings the same fixture to 80%. When I run the cues in order, expecting a smooth fade from 50% to 80%, the fixture jumps back to 0% before fading up to 80%.

Is there anything else I need to do to have this “Starting level source” setting take effect?

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Re: Fixture Groups and Lamp Track Properties

Post by admin »

This feature was added in VenueMagic 3.0.49 which was just released to the update server. You can find it as a new checkbox in the cue button properties.


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