A little help

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A little help

Postby Alloydog » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:03 am

:geek: Totally new but pleasantly surprised just how quickly I'm ramping up. Wading through tutorials but I would really appreciate if someone could send me a (small) example show (project) file, preferable a small theatre production with music. Still wrapping head around the hierarchy tree and where/how sub components (timeline / audio) are arranged. Would every scene opening be a new timeline for instance and how do I curtail a timeline (fade it out)?
And, our clunker legacy board has ONE CUE button that we can sit someone in the booth and say "Read the script and where you see a highlited CU" hit the button!" That button will then move on to the next cues and so on. I'm sure such if possible in VM. Appreciate a heads up.

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