Quality of dimming

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Quality of dimming

Post by Tony_SBT »

Hello and greetings to you all.
I'm new to this forum because I have some things to clarify in the operation of Venue Magic Express.
I used the program with incandescent lamps for several months without problems but now
that I'm switching to LED PAR RGB I note above all at slow dimming (20/30 sec) a step variation of brightness very ugly to see.
How to get a more fluid variation without steps?
I read that Venue magic updates every 1/30 sec, but I see jerky variations?
Is there anything I can do?
Thanks for your collaboration

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Re: Quality of dimming

Post by Jannes »

Hi Tony,
I uses both, incandescent lamps and LED lighting in my show. Before I uses VenueMagic I uses several other programms or conventional light tables.

One of myLED lamps is also jerky (not fluid you see the steps) when I make a longer time fade.
Other LED spots are OK and I had that same problem with my old light programm also.

So I think this is NOT VenuMagic but the lamp (or lamp eletronics) in that specific lamp that's not able to do it well.

(just try to avoid longer fade times with that lamps... if you can)

Greetings from Holland

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Re: Quality of dimming

Post by Ashley »

Yes this is a common problem with less-expensive fixtures. The only real solution is to use high quality lamps/LEDs.

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