This forum is for sharing user created fixtures
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First of all. We are grateful to those who share their creations here. Keeping an up to date library is a very difficult task and even then we can't get them all.

In order to upload a file here follow these instructions:
  • 1. Make the Subject the name of the fixture.
    2. Include any specifics about your implementation you think will help others in the body of the post.
    3. Click the attachments tab below.
    4. Click the Add files button.
    5. Find the .vfl file you wish to upload and open it.
    6. Submit your post for approval.
We will import your file into our core database, make sure it meets the basics of our standards (published in the "Standards" post) and then approve the post for others to be able to download the file(s).

Ben Holmes
VenueMagic Team