How do you correct channel ordering?

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How do you correct channel ordering?

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I am having issues with multiple identical fixtures on separate tracks not retaining the correct channel ordering. When trying to copy Level Control effects between tracks with the same fixture layout, the RGB values get transposed between each other.

I have 72 ETC Vivid fixtures in RGB mode, all properly configured as three-channel fixtures, as well as the necessary groups to get them clustered as needed. When I apply them to separate control tracks in a timeline, some fixtures retain their channel ordering, but some seem to invert channels inside each fixture - One track will be listed as Fixture01 RGB.Red, Fixture01 RGB.Green, Fixture01 RGB.Blue, and the next track will list Fixture02 RGB.Blue, Fixture02 RGB.Green, Fixture02 RGB.Red.

I have a feeling this is another grouping issue, but I cannot find the proper syntax for naming fixtures so that they appear in the correct order, when grouped. I also feel that it may have something to do with the order my groups are appearing in the Groups list - is there any way to change the ordering, without deleting everything and starting over?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: How do you correct channel ordering?

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Did you play with the wording of the channels in fix02? It put them in alphabetical order. In my experience this only happens when the names are altered after the fixtures have been added to a project. Usually in the fixture drop down menu. Fixture lose there RGB labeling and show up BGR. It might be as simple as deleting the fixture (02) in the fixture grid and adding it right back. I can check it on my end with a new project and let you know so you don't mess up your whole project.

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Re: How do you correct channel ordering?

Post by Ashley »

Hi there. If you would like to send your main project file (.vmp) and the relevant timeline (.vmt) that has all the fixtures in question to, we would be glad to take a look and see if we can figure out a solution for you. One of our staff has tried replicating your problem already. A group of 3 RGB fixtures placed in a control track would appear out of order in the envelope editor but the individual RGB channels associated with the fixtures would stay in the correct order. I.E. the list appears as RGB2, RGB1, RGB3, but the color channel envelopes still list as red, green, blue. Fixtures can be renamed to appear alphabetically, and in some circumstances SC+ edition can allow re-ordering but we will need to see your files to know exactly what is going on and how best to fix it.

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