Question about external audio input

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Question about external audio input

Postby lookingfortiki » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:56 pm

Good afternoon,

Sorry for the very newbie question but I am curious to see if this software would be suitable for the usecase.

We're looking for particular sequences to be able to be set off by staff members and for several effects to take place. The issue is we would want music (say from Spotify or another source) to be playing. Would the software be able to turn this source down, do the sequence, then fade back up/return to the music source?

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Re: Question about external audio input

Postby Ashley » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:21 pm

No need to apologize at all. This is what the forums are for. The software would be very great for incorporating any kind of shows or sequences with audio controls. When the audio source is outside of VenueMagic, It mostly depends on the exact kind of equipment involved. It can communicate with midi, serial, and dmx devices to issue commands to the hardware, so depending on what you are using you could find a way to control the fade in and out of the music while your sequences happen as long as VenueMagic can interface with it. Despite that, however,
VenueMagic can still be programmed so the entire process could be set up to run from a single button. When pressed it would fade out or pause the music, trigger all the sequences in any order you want or even all at once, then fade back in the audio when they finish. The timelines would either send signals to the equipment to control the audio, or just control the audio playback directly from the built-in cue list if the files are loaded directly into the project in the software. You could give the staff any amount of control over the timing, playback, or triggering of any fixture or audio file you have. A single timeline can be customized to include whatever mixture of commands for whatever effects you need, then routed to the appropriate control(s). It could be done manually in real time or just by letting the timeline play and have it all pre-programmed to do it automatically. If you would like to email us at with more details on your setup we could help you even more. Thank you for your question!

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